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One of farces of the contemporary human culture, the art has become a commodity, controlled by dirty brokerage and fads, sometimes under the door of modernity, and at other times under the door of fame.
If an artist sketch Marilyn Monroe, for example, he will be famous by the horns and lights of Jews in the media, and demands the highest prices. Note that the role of Marilyn Monroe in making of the human history was not a high-value, and she has manufactured by the Jewish market and not by the human culture.
While the human value that inherent in the artwork, and the strength of its idea, should give it its rank in the human culture. What is the theme of the artwork, its humanitarian dimension, the power of its idea, the effort involved in it and its ability to be understood of normal human and intellectual alike.
All of this must be judged the level of artwork. But we see in today's art market, just the opposite. So it is possible to say that the art criminals and clowns alone, become who governing  the art and its noble message.
(oil on canvas)
The movement power and the color movement in the art
The Death, that foul terrible idea, that no one of the creatures wants even thinking in it. Because it is simply equal to the absence of life. And despite we think in death and we are in the life movement that we forced by it, but we find ourselves walk by the life steps forcibly to the Death .
The hope, expectation of goodness and confidence in the heaven mercy, symbolizing it the cloak of this miserable mother, that put on her head the idea of a green life, through her green cloak that she pull it, while it's supposed to be pushed by her green cloak to the life.
This cloak that represents the mercy, peace and giving of God and his generosity. Bear it by this feeble body, tired, in pain and hungry. While she making her way in this space based on oppression.
She drives with her a child, he is her humanity fruit and dreams, which the life pushed and deceive her to it. This dialectic between the color and meaning of her green cloak and her child and the terrible contrast between them, this internal movement of the life falseness and the falseness of the heaven promises which (grant ) her the life, in the way to death.
And her blue dress which she surrounded herself by it . means that she surrounded herself by the values of the deceptively heaven, which supposed to be blue .and she lead with her forcibly fruit of this existence, this miserable  child. To change all of that at the end to that oppression and deceit of the heaven, through  changing of the color of her cloak gradually to the dark color, and changing of its shape at the end to the big black snake which separate at the end her head and the head of her child.
This bloody contrast between life and death . completed in the clear harmony through her movement direction with her child in limited directed way . As far as stages of contrast completed through changing of her and her child foots rhythm in this one direction way, where nobody present only them. Here I paint also the singling out the heaven of the bare hands creatures in front of its tyranny at the end of circumambulation.
Thus there is no symbol for the singling out in the painting, but I paint it practically through the complexes movement in one the direction  of the tyranny and  in the one space . Thus the direction movement expresses it repeated presence of the mother and her child, and terms of this repeat moving also. Thus the women cloak moving also, to express by that the wind movement without putting that wind in the painting.
Even more than that I expressed the wind power through the cloak direction itself, when become its movement to the higher more in the final stage of the woman and her child movement. Thereby I create the tension, to be in its climax when this tension separate the heads of the woman and  her child.
That is to say I create the extreme contrast between the life who create its antithesis the death. The maximum discrepancy between the reassurance and panic, between peace and pain, between belonging to the being and stand in front of it demolished. That is I create the extreme express to the moment of exposure of the mercy falseness and its savagery, barbarism and sadism.
So the air which creature respire to live by. I used it a symbol to the moment of the bravery tyranny and sadism in its movement, which change the green cloak to high killer snake over all the noble values and over the illusory mercy which the heaven sing. Coincides with that the color movement and its symbolism and significance.
Thus in any stage, change the color of the painted elements. That is to say the woman and her child. Herein we found at the end that their color change to the pale white. to indicate on the fright and collapse, the cloak color change at the end to the black, the color of her dress to the dark. to indicates the grief, frustration and destroyed of the human soul. The shadow of them changing at the end to the red, to indicates the bloodshed  and the death.
The water skin changing its color also to dark, then it disappear due to disappearance of that illusory mercy in the life, which was not except a despotism in our souls and the souls of  our earlier fathers, to be even our food and stool is from skulls of our earlier fathers. That's to say from the earth which we stand on.
One thing only does not change. It is the space which surrounding her. to indicate constancy of system of the illusory mercy in the creatures . Thus the space is reddish dusty. And there is no elements appear to represent any mercy to help this woman and her child. Thus the singling out and Ascendancy of oppression I created due to absence of what contrary to it.
So the woman in her first movement .was a movement in the hope to end to the subdual. so the meaning became here dynamic also. So the hope moved against its will to end to subdual. And the movement direction of the woman and her child towards the horizon, contradicts it the movement direction of the snake, and also the woman and her child who they are not more presents, rather they became two skulls no more.
Thus the movement direction of the woman and her child already return and its idea also. and the woman hold on to her child till the end, even without head. Is expression of refusal of the human and creatures to the heaven tyranny. But it stay refusal to a fait accompli based on the subdual to an armless creature no ability for him and no power. This weakness indicated by the kneeling of the woman and her child in front of this subdual at the end.
The woman stucks her child until the end, also reflects the stuck of the creature in a love, who was born by, and does not have only to be by this love. and this indicate subdual of the illusory mercy itself to the creatures . whereas  the mercy is the mercy and does not mean another thing . Nor should exercise another thing.
Love. The fruit of existence, existence of the human in the human. But we see here the absence of her lover. that's to say absence of this reaction which create this child. that's to say absence of this love and crushing of its fruit at the end. That is the child. The innocent child staying in all his movements putting his hand on his face.
Note that in all his movement with his mother vary his steps movement. Sometimes advance the right foot and sometimes the left. To say to us that he is obliged in this way, and that he don't want to see this fate. And he don't want to react with it at all.
Along the way the child with his mother is a skin and bone. Pain, hunger, weakness, misery, loss and horror. Complexes pain grow from the hand of the counterfeit mercy and its essence. there is no presence for this miserable woman in her human . But what present is only this bloody way which subdue before her parents in the same savagery and tyranny. Left her as love fruit lead her fruit also in the life way.
The life is the life, and not possible that the death, fright, pain and the subdual be crowned in it . As though the claws of evil and destructions has created the life. While must be created by the life hand. but as the creatures are armless in front this tyranny as this miserable  mother and her child . then the creature have to walk in the life steps to this subdual against his will.
Here the mercy grin for its real canines, to appear to us the real essence of the heaven and its despotic rule in the creatures. The mercy not create pain, hunger and cemetery . the mercy is a full essence can not be divided and used to create the torture to the creatures.
Mercy cannot be used as gloves to destroy mercy essence. can not be used as a noble coating  for the sadism claws. Not only that, but this leads us to the primitiveness of the heaven in the human. If the heaven had imagined itself in this way. truly discover its primitiveness and misery of its thinking in its perception to itself and the creatures.
Saad Alani
Painter Sculptor Critic